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1. What you will NOT find here

If you are looking for a simple songsheet for a wedding or if you are looking für organ scores, you are not well served here, sorry. And: The quality of most of the downloadable music-files (.mid and .mp3) is probably not suitable for the main service, but better than nothing.

2. What you find here

Here you will find sheet music with multiple voices for choirs with or without a band, which can also be used for a trombone choir or formations with string and wind instruments. The music can be used for practice (rehearsal) as well as for accompaniment (playback), for example for children's choirs or for religious education. English
translations are available for numerous songs, original German tunes can be downloaded too.

3. Usage
Please use the
sheet music and music provided here private or as part of church events (church service, mass, prayer, worship, wedding, meditation, religious instruction) for the glory of God.

4. Distribution
The free distribution of the downloadable files is permitted and desired. But please don't turn it into a business like the temple dealers (Matthew 21:12-13)!

5. Copyright
The sheet music and music published here can generally be used without hesitation. However, songs with the warning sign
are protected by copyright, so the text and/or melody are missing. You can fill the resulting gaps from memory using purchased sheet music (e.g. your own hymn book or songbook) or add them by hand; this is legally permissible at least in germany. This is how the rights holders get their income, which is the purpose of copyright protection. A secondary aspect of copyright protection is that further processing itself also requires approval. This is to avoid misuse (e.g. mockery), which I obviously don't do. Should an author still feel that their rights have been violated here, I ask for a friendly hint among Christian brothers and sisters. I try to act to the best of my knowledge and belief.

6. About hymn books

The homepage name "gesangbuchlieder" means "hymn book songs". But there is not one hymn book. There are many. From Protestant Christians, from Catholic Christians, from Reformed Christians, from Orthodox Christians, from Anglican Christians and so on. And: hymn books have history. They are constantly being revised. New things come in, old things go out. Who decides what goes into the hymn book? We. One song is sung along fervently while the priest is left miserably in the lurch in the other ;). But: All hymn books have one thing in common. They want to give us the opportunity to say Thank You to God and to open space to our own often inexpressible feelings and thoughts through music. The lyrics of christian hymnals range from excerpts from the Bible and short theological summaries to everyday worries, joy and suffering. The music ranges from medieval to modern. There is a hymnal to be found for almost every mood. After many years with many changes, hymn book songs have become like a second home for me personally.

7. Imprint and contact

This site is operated private and non-commercial in Germany by:

Peter Schmidt ("sdg")